Reputation Management & Customer Review Strategies

Today your online reputation is more important than ever before

In the past few years, companies like Media Integrations that offer online reputation management services have witnessed a much greater emphasis on internet business rankings and customer reviews. Both from humans and search engines.

Think of your own personal pattern of behavior …

If you’re like an increasing number of folks, you go to the web before you make most notable new buying decisions. Whether it’s a new car purchase, the credibility of a service provider or making plans for dining out, people want to know what other people think before they make their decisions.

Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, have made note of this consumer behavior as well. They make customer reviews and ratings easier to find on their search engine pages and factor companies’ online rankings into their algorithms to determine the most credible businesses in online search rankings.

At Media Integrations, we have a variety of solutions for companies who understand the importance of having a strong online reputation.

On the cutting edge, we offer apps for clients who want to capture customer reviews within minutes of a transaction or job completion, so that positive comments can be posted to their websites and leading search engines and review sites in real-time.

Our solutions also include integrated programs that allow us to follow up with customers after the sale, in order to pursue positive reviews, referrals, and renewals. This option is especially effective for hair stylists, landscapers, massage therapists, auto repair shops, home cleaning services, health care providers (dentists, doctors, chiropractors, etc) and other businesses where customer retention is essential.

There are two other unique aspects to the Media Integrations approach to customer reviews and retention that aren’t commonly offered by other marketing firms.

Review Site Assessment: At Media Integrations we take the extra step at the outset to identify the specific customer review sites that are of greatest tactical importance for each client. In addition to the leading sites (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, Angie’s List, etc.) most industries also have websites specifically dedicated to offering reviews to businesses in those professions.

It’s critical to know who these other review sites are, in order to make sure our clients’ information is accurate and reputation is impeccable wherever prospects are likely to search.

Customer Retention: It’s also absolutely true that it’s easier to keep good customers than it is to replace them. One often overlooked way to grow businesses is to hang on to loyal clients while adding new ones. Media Integrations offers programs and strategies that are specifically designed to help keep the loyal customers our clients already have.

In addition to the integrated review — refer — renew program mentioned above, our Customer Retention Services can include the following elements:

  • Customer database analysis (retention percentages, etc)
  • Loyal/new customer surveys, interviews & focus groups
  • Targeted new and premium customer marketing strategies
  • Customized email marketing initiatives
  • Incentives and couponing, focusing on customer retention (new clients) and loyalty rewards (for long-time customers)
  • Promotions and contesting

We welcome the opportunity to talk further about the ways we can help bolster your company’s online reviews and reputation while keeping a larger percentage of the clients you already have. Please contact Media Integrations today by filling out our online form to the left, calling 919-362-6730, or emailing

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