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At Media Integrations, our diverse staff has several years of wide-ranging experience in providing marketing and branding solutions.  We know how to work with our clients to boost exposure, grow profits and accomplish operational objectives. Through our collaborative efforts, we find that an interactive process works best for addressing our clients’ marketing and branding needs.   Regardless of whether we are building a website, conducting an extensive brand identity project, developing a detailed marketing plan, implementing a social media campaign or focusing on another specific marketing objective, we have an effective process that we generally follow.

Here is an outline of what marketing and branding clients can expect when working with the Media Integrations organization:

Step 1: Discovery Meeting

Our process starts with a detailed conversation — usually in-person.  Our team members sit down with our clients’ key stakeholders to first learn as much about their business as possible. We ask a lot of questions! Our new clients have the opportunity to provide a detailed perspective on their business … the goals, background, operating structure & philosophy, unique selling proposition, customary stumbling blocks, company history, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, competitors, key personnel, special company characteristics and so much more.  Our goal, in this first formal exchange, is to learn as much as we can from our new marketing partner.   But we don’t stop there. Over the ensuing two to three weeks, we move to a comprehensive research stage.

Step 2: Comprehensive Research Stage

In this phase our team members build out our internal proprietary Competitive Analysis document.  We undertake a detailed assessment of our client’s internet profile, as well leading competitors and other businesses with significant online visibility.  We capture and assess information from anywhere between a half dozen and a dozen “comps” — drawing conclusions about the variables that separate the industry leaders from the also-rans.  Our ability to evaluate businesses’ brand identity & positioning statements, search engine efficiency, social media profile and overall web-based effectiveness gives us invaluable insights in developing our clients’ strategic marketing plan.

Step 3: Findings Presentation

This is the stage in our process where we show clients “our homework” and present our detailed plan (usually in person). Our team recaps the highlights of our Discovery Meeting, reveals key findings from our competitive research and delivers a specific marketing plan, complete with strategic assessments, tactical recommendations, anticipated timeline and proposed deliverables.  After making our recommendations, we engage in an in-depth follow-up conversation.  We answer questions and collaborate with our client to finalize our marketing plan.   The ultimate goal of this meeting is to share our insights and begin the implementation process of the project.

Step 4: Execution

The execution phase of our working relationship can move in many directions, depending on the scope of work. In the case of website builds, our team usually handles virtually all of the web design & layout, copywriting, content creation, insertion of meta tags for search engines and registration of the website and business with the leading search engines, directories and customer review sites.   For other projects, such as branding exercisessocial mediadatabase marketingcustomer reviews & reputation management programsgeneral marketing and market segmentation strategiesmarketing collateralevent marketingadvertisingvideo production and search engine optimization (SEO), we customize our plan, deliverables, timetable and budget for each specific client.   In many cases, we wind up bundling a series of services (much like cable and phone companies do).  One typical arrangement is our Comprehensive Services packages, which usually include a combination of SEO monitoring, social media campaigns, online reputation management and ongoing website updates. This approach allows us to accomplish more results for our clients, with a financial investment that is more cost-effective than an a la carte pricing approach.

When it comes time to invest in effective marketing, particularly for businesses based in North Carolina’s Research Triangle area  or Virginia’s Greater Hampton Roads area, please consider Media Integrations.  Our customized approach, successful track record and extensive range of marketing and branding services makes us an effective, affordable marketing partner for many companies.  To discuss the ways Media Interations can be of service to you, fill out our online form, call 919-362-6730 or email info@mediaintegrations.com.