A brand is what ties “IT” all together

The brand is the umbrella which communicates what a business is, what it does, why it exists, who it serves and the products and services it provides.

When developed properly, the brand also plays a key differentiation role. It articulates what sets this organization apart from its competition. It communicates clearly to potential clients and loyal customers why they need to select THIS company over others who provide similar services.

The key to effective marketing is developing a solid brand identity and communicating this identity consistently through all avenues of marketing.

The Media Integrations branding process results in the development of a company brand identity and the creation of a strategy that effectively communicates the brand with frequency and consistency.

We begin with a comprehensive brand audit that includes an extensive evaluation of the business. Our strategy team asks as many questions as it takes to learn about the organization … its goals, its competitive situation, strengths, weaknesses, target customers, history, personnel and unique characteristics. We follow this in-depth discussion with detailed competitive research, evaluating local, regional and in some cases, national competitors. We look for those companies that are doing it well, doing it differently, or constitute a tangible threat to our client.

Our strategists present detailed audit findings and utilize this information and client dialogue to establish specific components of the company’s brand identity. Then, Media Integrations proposes the brand strategy and execution plan. This plan will include processes to effectively build and communicate the brand through marketing, sales, and operations.

The ramifications of having a clear-cut brand identity and utilizing it on a consistent basis are far-reaching and can positively impact every aspect of an organization.

Here is a sampling of the places where a well-defined brand can enhance a company’s activities:

The Media Integrations branding service leads to a clearly defined brand identity, methods for articulating it effectively and a roadmap to begin the process of incorporating it fully into an organization.

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